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Ernest T. "Babe" Neil
Probably taken following basic training.



Ernest T.(Babe) Neil, T/4, Purple Heart

70th Tank Battalion

European Theater of Operations


IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal


Boot Camp Images:


Some men identified in the following photos are: Eugene Sheehan, Davenport, Mone, Sgt. Mitchell, Ambrose, Strunk, Burke, Lt. McKay, Conaway, Terry Noll, Gaudit, Witkowski, McDaniel, Bill Grey, Ellis Coleman, Reynolds, Eccles, Freeman, Harpster and Chenkus.


Image #1.
The large photo is, of course, Dad, "Babe" Neil with his arm over the shoulder of a friend who most certainly must have been very important to him to have had their photo taken together. Unfortunately, it is not labeled and Babe's widow, Lorraine doesn't remember anyone's name.



Image #2.
Two soldiers together are Terry Noll and Hyman Poll both of Philadelphia, PA.



Image #3.
Top Image: (back row l-4) Andros, Danilowitz, Scoggin, Huginy, Lytle; (center row) McDaniel, Naples, Noll, Wood, Olgerson; (front row) Witkowski, Tillie, O'Connell. Dad must have taken the picture.

The smaller group of men are from top row left: MacDaniel, Noll, Danilowitz, (bottom row left) Babe Neil, Scoggin and Witkowski.




Uso Images:

Image #4.
Barrington, Lorraine Neil, Alvin and Eileen Wheeler. Probably taken in March 1943 in Radcliff, KY.



Image #5.
This couple is Eileen & Alvin Wheeler from Radcliff, KY. This photo was taken March 1943, in Radcliff, KY.



Image #6.
Image is labeled "the Davenports".



Image #7.
Couple named "Yonkers" with the woman in light colored jacket and darker dress. Wade Yonker and his wife's name is Lee. Date on this pic is May 4, 1943 and it's taken in front the of USO in Radcliff, KY.




Camp Life Images: Stateside before heading to Europe

Image #8.
Group image of "Babe" Neil and friends.



Image #9. Horsing around at camp.


Image #10. Camp life.




Images of Babe's European adventures:

Image #11. "Babe" Neil on ship bound for Europe.



Image #12.
This photo is of Babe Neil shaving with "Richman" in May 1944 somewhere in England.



Image #13.
This photo is the most interesting to me [Carol] because it is of my Uncle and my Dad. On April 16, 1944 they ran into each other in England. My uncle is Harry "Lyle" Long (my mother's only brother). They were walking down a street in opposite directions and came face to face. They talked about 15 minutes and had someone take a photo of them before parting. They didn't run into each other again until both were back in the states.



Image #14.
Photo taken at same time...but the soldier with Henry "Lyle" Long is unidentified.



Image #15. June 4, 1944 in Portsmouth, England awaiting D-Day.



Image #16. Another image taken at Portsmouth on June 4, 1944.



Image #17.
"Babe" Neil and fellow tank crewman posing in front of their M-3 Sherman tank.



Image #18. "Babe" Neil with puppy his crew found on battlefield.



Image #19.
"Babe" Neil and fellow tank crewman "Eugene Sheehan" taken in France in 1944, "after a rough day".



Image #20.
Burke in a tank during the Liberation of Paris.




Image #21.
Someone named "Chenkus" posing with two French women. Photo is dated August 1944.



Image #22.
Photo of crowds waving up at the Babe's as it entered Paris.



Image #23.
Image of Babe Neil. Location is probably in Europe.



Image #24.
Babe Neil with Bill Gregg of Baltimore, MD. Location is probably in Europe.



Check out our page in our "Army Section" that tells more about Ernest T. "Babe" Neil.

Ernest T. "Babe" Neil: 70th Tank Battalion



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